Buying Diamonds Online – Get A Better Diamond and a Better Experience

Despite the great advances in internet security over the years many people are wary of buying diamonds online and this is understandable. Buying a diamond is a sizable investment, 結婚戒指  so you want to know that you are going to get exactly what you pay for and that you are fully covered if you are not satisfied with the diamond that you receive.

But buying diamonds online can actually be a great experience that can result in you getting a great diamond at a far better price, getting even more security and receiving far better customer service than with an offline retailer.

Customer service – You will get good and bad customer service wherever you shop, but it would be fair to say that in our experience we have actually received far better customer service when buying diamonds online than when we have bought them through a jewelry store. The staff were by far better educated in diamond quality, understood exactly what we wanted and the after sales service has always been much appreciated. We have never had any after-sales service from an offline store.

Guarantees and Return Policy – Each jewelry store has its own set of guarantees and return policies, ranging from none to fully comprehensive. The vast majority of online stores have a very comprehensive policy as well as generous return and upgrade policies.

Selection – most brick and mortar jewelry stores have a very limited selection of rings and diamonds. This makes a side by side comparison of rings very tricky and risky if you don’t know what you are looking for. By comparison, online stores have a huge selection of diamonds and many will also have the technology where you can design your own ring by simply choosing a setting and a diamond to go in it.

Convenience – If one jewelry store does not have the setting or diamond that you like, you have to jump back in the car and go somewhere else. Often people can spend days traveling all over the state trying to find the ‘right’ diamond ring. After doing this a few times I bet that when you do find a ring that suits you that you will pay almost any price that they ask!

The diamond selection at an online jeweler is often so great that you can take your time choosing the right diamond at the right price.

Design Your Own Jewelry – designing your own ring is really simple thanks to the great technology and selection that is available with online stores. Simply choose a setting and then choose a diamond to go in it. All from the comfort of your own home.

Price – Because at this stage many internet vendors don’t have sales tax on their diamonds or the overheads of physical stores they can provide you will a great quality diamond at a greatly reduced price. They also tend to have other bonuses like free shipping, free ring re-sizing or discounts on ring settings with a diamond purchase.

Shipping – When buying diamonds online it is possible to get them sent to any address or even directly to an appraiser who will appraise the diamonds quality before you receive them. Most online stores also pay for the insurance for the shipping.

Protect Yourself – If you are still wary of online stores, then it is very easy to check them out. One of the best ways is to see if they are a member of a professional or public organization – like the Jewelers Board of Trade, BBB or the like. Look at their guarantees and returns policies and do forum searches for them – you will soon find out their reputation as people are very quick to post comments about retailers who have ripped them off!

Get Educated – Whether you are buying your diamonds online or offline you need to get educated about the type of diamond that you want, from shape to color and everything in-between. This way you will ensure that you get the best diamond at the best price.

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